• Gesture Drawing
    with Alex Woo
  • Gesture Drawing
    with Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales
  • Introduction to Digital Painting
    with Andrew Hou
  • Painting Creatures
    with Bobby Chiu
  • Digital Painting
    with Bobby Chiu
  • Characters for Animated Film
    with Daniel Arriaga
  • Painting with Light and Color
    with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo
  • The Art of Caricature
    with Jason Seiler
  • Designing with Color and Light
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Environment Design
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Pictorial Composition
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Lighting for Story and Concept Art
    with Sam Nielson
  • Fundamentals of Lighting
    with Sam Nielson
  • Advanced Character Design
    with Stephen Silver
  • Fundamentals of Character Design
    with Stephen Silver
  • Drawing Fundamentals
    with Thomas Fluharty
  • Oil Painting
    with Thomas Fluharty
Creature Design
with Anthony Jones

Creature design is unlike designing a humanoid character and it is more than simply putting horns, spikes, and eyestalks on a shape. In this course, established concept artist, Anthony Jones, will break down his strategies and train of thought when creating a new creature. He will discuss the importance of having a logical underpinning for your concept, explore comparative anatomy, and even talk about how ecology factors into the appearance of a creature (and vice versa). If you are a "creature person" and want to take your creatures to the next level, Anthony will help you get there.

"Creature Design with Anthony Jones" consists of 9 lectures presented over 14 weeks.
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