The Schoolism House Curriculum

At the Schoolism House, you will have the luxury of spending a lot of time with your instructor to make sure that you understand and absorb all the material being taught. Every day, you will get a lesson from your mentor, Thierry Lafontaine, do art exercises, be assigned homework, and get feedback.

The Schoolism House curriculum is divided into four parts:

  • Structure
  • Light and Shadow
  • Digital Painting
  • Acrylic Painting

Throughout your month at the Schoolism House, you will greatly improve your speed, productivity, and ability to effectively communicate ideas through drawing and painting.

Week 1: Structure

The first week will cover art as a form of communication. Here, you will learn how to express solid structure with line, shape, and form.

Week 2: Light and Shadow

In the second week, you will learn about the interaction between light and form. We will study how light and shadow interact with different forms and how it reveals qualities about them that you can use to express structure.

Week 3: Digital Painting and Color Theory

The third week will be focused on digital painting, color theory, and color harmony. During this time, you will create original characters that you will digitally paint and color.

Week 4: Acrylic Painting

During the fourth and final week, you will learn how to transfer your digital painting skills to traditional media. You will take a painting that you created digitally in week 3 and produce an acrylic painting from it.

By the end of your time at Schoolism House, you will have produced a few pieces that you can use in your portfolio. You will also leave with new artist friends from around the world, and unforgettable memories.

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