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Painting in Procreate & Animation in LumaFusion with Nikolai Lockertsen

Whenever I post a high-rendered concept on social media, I am always asked if I have a tutorial for that image but I never do, so I created this course to address exactly that. Think of this course as a direct continuation of where my first course stops. While my other course ends before I do all of the details and show a fully polished render, in this course, you'll be following me through my process of creating a highly detailed scene from concept to completion, and then we're going to take it a step further by animating it in Lumafusion.

I'll be showing you every step of my process as I work on my idea of a mischievous girl snagging some food from a sleeping chef's food stand. You'll get to see my preparation stage, watch as I do a highly detailed concept painting from idea to final polish, and follow along as I make it come to life with animation and camera movement. And, of course, I'll be showing you how to use clever tricks in Procreate and Lumafusion to do this. Get ready to learn a lot throughout this whole process as we bring an idea to a fully polished painting and animated scene!

I recommend taking my first course, "Procreate with Nikolai Lockertsen", before moving on to this course.
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Scheduled Course Dates:
Dec 13, 2021