The Schoolism House - 30 Day Workshop

The Schoolism House is a unique and exciting opportunity for a handpicked group of four applicants to be trained by professional artists in an inspiring and stimulating lakeside environment.

If selected, you and three other applicants will be invited to move into the Schoolism House in Sainte-Julienne, Quebec (just outside of Montreal, Canada), for 30 days. Once there, you will follow the training program designed by Imaginism Studios for our new artists. You will become the personal apprentices of our Senior Artist, Thierry Lafontaine, as you learn drawing, painting, and digital painting from Thierry and a special guest instructor. Past guests have included Nathan Fowkes, Bobby Chiu, Stephen Silver, and more!

The Schoolism House is dedicated to the training of concept artists based on the principle of "Learning by Doing". For 30 intense days, you will live with Thierry and acquire the essential art skills, daily practices, and philosophies that lead to a successful career as a concept artist in today's industry.

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*The workshop fee includes accommodations (individual rooms, computers, Wacom Cintiq Tablets, art material, field trips, breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

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