Bobby Chiu
Artist Master Class
Bobby is a Toronto-based artist and the founder of Imaginism Studios. He is known for his creature concepts and other fantastical, quirky characters and has worked on feature films for Disney, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Sony, Universal Studios. Bobby is best known for designing creatures for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. He owns Imaginism Studios in Toronto and teaches on this workshop, Bobby will do eye-opening demos of how he creates his digital paintings from idea to finished illustration. In the second part of the workshop, he will talk in detail about his personal methods and philosophies for attracting the top jobs in today's industry. Great for independent artists interested in marketing, social media, and networking in addition to learning about illustration, digital painting, and concept art.
Jason Seiler
Painting Illustrations
Jason's illustrations have been featured as covers and interior pieces for Rolling Stone, TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MAD magazine, etc. This 4-hour workshop teaches you how to capture the likeness of your subject, push your boundaries, pick up your speed and create a sense of realism that only Seiler can explain. Great for artists interested in illustration, live action film, and concept art.
Alex Woo
Gesture Drawing
Alex Woo (Pixar story artist/gesture drawing teacher) will break down the fundamentals of gesture drawing into 7 foundational topics. You will learn the importance of distilling gestures into lines of action and simple shapes, creating strong silhouettes, effectively using space, extrapolating ideas from a pose rather than just anatomy, and finding stories in your gesture drawing as you life draw with him in an unforgettable 4-hour life drawing session. Great for storyboarders, animators, character designers, and character-based illustrators.

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