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Realism is about learning how to observe from reality and surprisingly it isn’t about the details. Schoolism instructor, Jonathan Hardesty makes painting much easier by teaching you how to truly comprehend and manipulate the essentials of realism:

  • Proportion
  • Value
  • Color
  • Edge

So few schools actually teach you what you are seeing, how to observe from reality, how reality really works, or how to properly compare.

In “Essentials of Realism with Jonathan Hardesty” you will be taught how to analyze what you see in real life, and design your artwork to be believable and technically successful! Jonathan Hardesty’s teachings can be applied to concept art, illustration or animation, because his techniques aren’t limiting; they allow you to properly communicate your ideas and free your mind so that you are able to paint whatever you want!

This online class is open to all levels whether you are first starting your artistic journey, or EVEN IF you’re well on your way and you’ve lost sight of what’s important. Artists can work in any medium (traditional or digital). Learn from Schoolism for $29.95 a month.


Jonathan is a classical artist who trained in the realistic atelier style. His work is included in various shows and exhibitions throughout the United States. Jonathan Hardesty is a very fun, thorough and positive instructor and his painting methods are hugely stimulating.

You will learn how to think in an entirely new way about the subject that you are drawing and soon you will love the fundamentals!

Jonathan Hardesty

Artist Testimonials

Cindy Avelino

  • “ This course is priceless, because all the knowledge you learn from it is very valuable (...)

    With a mentor like him, I became more of a conscious artist who pays attention to every part of the work. It shows that he enjoys teaching a lot, and his patience to respond to every single Email and doubt I had, was awesome. Thank you very much, this class changed me for the better! ”

Ysabel Granda

  • “ Jonathan's knowledge and passion for teaching really shows through his encouraging critiques (...)

    This class breaks down information into comprehensible and manageable lessons that build upon each other and help you learn progressively from one assignment to the next. I've learned more about realism from this amazing class than any class in my university. ”

Whether you’re a student in art school or a working artist in the industry, Schoolism Subscriptions fit your life! The classes we offer are pre-recorded lesson videos you can watch at any pace you like without deadlines (you can take your time with your assignments, or even watch the lessons over again).

Work on your art with Schoolism Subscriptions for two hours a week (on average less than 20 minutes a day) and you will see marked improvement by the time you’re finished Essentials of Realism with Jonathan Hardesty.

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In this short video, see a sample of one of the lessons

So we hope that by providing a subscription that is
just $29.95 a month we are giving access to affordable
education, because we know the struggle, the passion, and
the beautiful frustration that the journey of pursuing art is,
since we are artists ourselves here at Schoolism.

We offer many courses on Schoolism, so there’s something for anyone who is passionate about learning. We hope to see you soon!