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Stephen Silver

Aspiring to be a professional artist my whole life, I first got involved in drawing at the age of six when I found an artist's original sketchbook laying in my back yard. From that point on I knew that drawing would be my purpose in life. In 1992 I got my professional start drawing caricatures at amusement parks and then went on to establish my own illustration business and caricature concession company called Silvertoons. In 1996 I was hired as a graphic designer for the clothing company "No Fear". Then, in 1997 I was hired at Warner Bros. Television Animaton as a character designer and later went on to develop the characters for Kevin Smith's "Clerks the Animated Series" Disneys "Kim Possible" and Nickelodeons "Danny Phantom". I believe there are three treasures to success in life: Determination, Passion and Desire. These are the three rules I live by, thereby giving me what it takes to keep on drawing. To see more of my work you can visit www.silvertoons.com and visit my blog @ www.stephensilver.blogspot.com.


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