Felines with Terryl Whitlatch

From the saber-toothed cat to the common house cat, felines have roamed the earth for millions of years and I created this course for us to explore all of the fascinating characteristics of these creatures from an anatomical perspective. The best way to understand anatomy is to simply dive in and draw it out, so in each lesson, I'll be guiding you through the exercise as you draw along with me to complete either the surface, skeleton, or musculature of felines in various poses while referencing anatomy.

I've provided all of the reference files you will need to be able to effectively complete each exercise while also being a great resource for you to go back to to give you a better understanding of feline anatomy. This course contains lots of bonus content as Bobby Chiu and I discuss topics like the aspects of the feline, tips on creating an effective design (realistic and imaginary), how I apply these techniques to my other creature designs, and much more throughout each lesson.

By the end of the course, not only will you be able to draw realistic felines but you will come away with a vast understanding of feline physiology that you can refer to when designing original cat-like creatures of your own.
Lesson Plan