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Essentials of Realism with Jonathan Hardesty

This course is a detailed look at what an artist needs to achieve a realistic result in a work of art. Students will learn to study reality effectively and then manipulate and change that information in their own work. This course will cover:

  • Proportional Relationships (Getting everything in the right place)

  • Value Relationships (How dark or light should it be?)

  • Edge Relationships (How fuzzy or hard should it look?)

  • Color Relationships (How cool or warm should it be?)

  • Putting it all together (Applying all the fundamentals with a goal in mind)

Through use of various exercises, students will go beyond learning to accurately depict reality. They will learn to visually "make sense" of what they are seeing and translate that information to their own work. Creating realistic works of art, whether from imagination or life, requires an understanding of how to observe reality accurately and efficiently. Creating interesting works of art requires an understanding of how to manipulate what you see in reality. In this class students will learn both.
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