• Gesture Drawing
    with Alex Woo
  • Introduction to Digital Painting
    with Andrew Hou
  • Painting Creatures
    with Bobby Chiu
  • Digital Painting
    with Bobby Chiu
  • Painting with Light and Color
    with Tonko House and Cody Gramstad
  • Digital Painting
    with Craig Mullins
  • Painting Sci-Fi from Start to Finish
    with Craig Mullins
  • Characters for Animated Film
    with Daniel Arriaga
  • Painting with Light and Color
    with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo
  • Story-Driven Illustrations
    with Djamila Knopf
  • Watercolor Fundamentals
    with Gonzalo Carcamo
  • The Art of Caricature
    with Jason Seiler
  • Realistic Portraits
    with Jason Seiler
  • Environment and Light
    with John Burton
  • Understanding Textures
    with Jonathan Hardesty
  • Essentials of Realism
    with Jonathan Hardesty
  • Introduction to ZBrush
    with Justin Goby Fields
  • Storyboarding
    with Kris Pearn
  • Designing with Color and Light
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Environment Design
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Drawing Portraits in Charcoal
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Pictorial Composition
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache
    with Nathan Fowkes
  • Lighting for Story and Concept Art
    with Sam Nielson
  • Fundamentals of Lighting
    with Sam Nielson
  • Fundamentals of Character Design
    with Stephen Silver
  • Exploring Character Styles
    with Stephen Silver
  • Creature Anatomy
    with Terryl Whitlatch
  • Drawing Fundamentals
    with Thomas Fluharty
  • Oil Painting
    with Thomas Fluharty
  • Introduction to Visual Development
    with Victoria Ying
  • Expressive Characters
    with Wouter Tulp
  • Conceptual Characters
    with Wouter Tulp
Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache
with Nathan Fowkes

Landscape sketching can be one of the great pleasures for the working artist! This course will provide each student with the experience and understanding for organizing the complexities of the landscape into insightful compositions. We'll focus on capturing the immediacies of light, atmosphere and character of the landscape through location studies. I'll be demonstrating with watercolor and gouache as the preferred sketching medium but students will be welcome to use the medium of their choice. Each week will include a lecture and demonstrations that will guide students step by step through the process of landscape sketching from life. During our time together I'll take you through the practical application of:

- Setting up a no hassle painting kit for on the spot sketching.
- Finding a simple statement within the complexities of the landscape.
- Learning to work within the limitations of your medium and turn them into an advantage.
- Learning to find the subtleties of nature within a limited palette of color.
- Learning to control and best use a full palette of color.
- Understanding principles of landscape composition to best portray your subject.
- Applying the techniques of the impressionists within the confines of a 1 hour on location study.
- Creating the illusion of depth and space within the confines of your two dimensional study.
- Inspiration for sketching everywhere you go for practice, study and fun.

You will be needing some art materials for this class.
Please CLICK HERE to download the list of materials needed.
Lesson Plan
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Scheduled Course Dates:
May 24, 2020
Aug 2, 2020


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